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LLP Access--Monitoring

Our company offers a cloud service video monitoring over the Internet. Access-Monitoring service will allow you to access your cameras and videos from all over the world. And the most important - you will get access to all of your cameras by using IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac), Android (Samsung), simple phones and other devices. Yes, and even on older Java-phones. In fact, Access-Monitoring works on almost all devices that support Internet access. For such devices, we provide a lightweight version of personal cabinet. It has less features, but with low internet connection, it is ideal to know what is happening in front of your surveillance cameras. Watch video from your cameras through our applications in AppStore and Google Play. Embed the live video from surveillance cameras in your website or blog, or share a direct link in VKontakte or on Facebook. You have some network points across the city. Our service allows you to mark the location of your cameras on Google Maps.

Usually, to see live video from the camera via Internet, it is required to obtain a static IP-address, port configuration, specialized software and a good technical training. Forget about it! Use our proposed cameras with our service, it is easier and more convenient! Upon request, record archive can be made on a remote server. You can also record a file on microSD-card capacity from 4 to 32 GB. Archives written by a motion sensor. Memory cards up to 16 GB, depending on the traffic, is enough for 2-4 days. Camera has a built-in microphone and is designed for indoor use.


To configure Internet video, you do not need a static ip-address and service type like DynDNS, at acquisition of which customers are faced with a certain kind of difficulties and additional costs. Our mobile ip-cameras can be used without any additional hardware (PCs and DVRs), cameras transmit video online and record archive by themselves. Ability to connect, tracking and archiving of all data on remote objects as unit.

We will help you to connect existing camera or get new ones.

Do not delay and order video surveillance.